“Doing Our Bit”

Like most people and many businesses across the country, we are trying to do all we can to help the NHS by ‘Doing Our Bit’.

Ceeflair, and the team from Fendequip, have been busy making scrubs for our local district nurses. Modelled here by our gorgeous mannequin ‘Frank’ they do look great!

In my own spare time, I have been helping to make scrub bags, along with the fabulous facebook group Somerset Scrubs, who have done an amazing job making scrubs, bags & masks all in their lockdown spare time. The community spirit is certainly out there!

From all of us at Ceeflair, we would just like to say a big thank you to all the care workers across the country for helping to care and protect us…So we say ‘THANK YOU NHS’

NHS Scrubs

Some hospitals in the UK are facing shortfall in scrubs and PPE, this means our nurses are not as safe as they should be. At Ceeflair we have offered our services to produce as many sets of adult nursing scrubs as we can locally to help.

Quick Intro

Hi Everyone…This is me, Nik Spinney, Sales Manager at Ceeflair Clothing & Embroidery.

I have been in my role now for almost 2yrs & can honestly say I love my job! 💛

On a daily basis, I am in contact with you from beginning to end. Customer service satisfaction is important to me and communication is key!

From promoting customer brands & their businesses, clubs & leisure, through to individuals who want a bespoke item personalized by using our embroidery & printing in house service.
At Ceeflair, we aim to provide a reliable service that can suit quality, design & budget.